Welcome to BS&M

Hello! Welcome to the Bones, Stones, and Monkeys (BS&M) journal club blog. Every Friday, graduate students (and sometimes faculty) from the evolutionary side of the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University meet up to discuss a newly published paper in the field of biological/evolutionary anthropology. While BS&M has been around for a while, we recently decided to start this digital experiment as an exercise in science communication.

What you can expect from us here is a mostly┬ájargon-free summary of whatever paper(s) struck our fancy that week, along with some sort of commentary. Right now, we’re trying out various written formats (partial transcripts, interesting insights/questions, etc), but we have some designs on turning our anthropological shenanigans into a podcast (because, somehow, the hilarity of shouting that Homo naledi are mole people! just doesn’t come across in writing).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our little experiment! You can also find us on Facebook at the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies at Rutgers University or on Twitter @CHES_Rutgers.